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Everything You Need to Launch and Sustain a Successful Online Learning Program

I help individual teachers and organizations create online learning programs that enable people to manifest their full potential as human beings. The value of working with me is that I know the online learning process end-to-end, from curriculum development, to marketing, to registration and payment, to content delivery, to student support. I love supporting teachers who are doing transformational learning, so please contact me if you think I can help support your program.

A full range of online learning services:


Curriculum Development

How to teach and engage students in a virtual vs. physical space  more>


Marketing Strategy

How to identify and reach your intended audience  more>



Defining the technologies and workflow to support your course more>


Content Delivery

Audio or video? Live or recorded? Creating your delivery platform  more>


Student Support

Supporting students to have the best experience of your teaching  more>


Talent Acquisition

Identifying and recruiting the talent your course needs  more>

Selected Clients:


10 Success Factors for Online Courses

An online course is a complex piece of business with a lot of moving parts. How do you define the critical path to success? In this simple guide, I discuss the 10 things that make the most difference. I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that ignoring or underestimating any of these will compromise the outcome. But if you do all of these things well, your chances of creating a successful course are greatly enhanced. I think you will find this helpful in planning your own online program.

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